Residential Pool Services

P&B Concrete Pools has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding all of the aspects required to build your dream pool. From site requirements, engineering specifications, heating options, lighting styles, finishes and more we can help guide you from the very start of your pool process. P&B Pools can design your pool, or work with your chosen architect or landscape designer to integrate your pool into your existing plans. Wherever possible we like to come on site and discuss your requirements as early as possible to open up the myraid of features, styles and designs available with a P&B concrete pool


P&B Concrete Pools WA travels within Western Australia to service the requirements of commercial pools. We understand the value your pool holds to your business and ensure timely communication, excellent service and turnaround times. P&B Concrete Pools WA can bring your concrete pool back to its sparkling best with minimal downtime to your business, school or community organisation.

P&B Pools WA has local & state govemment tender experience and has carried out works for several schools within Western Australia, having the relevant clearances, tickets and OH&S requirements up to date.


P&B Pools can help bring your tired or out-dated concrete pool or spa back to life. We can resurface & repair your pool or spa, and retrofit an array of heating, lighting and cleaning appliances. This allows you to keep up to date with the latest in pool and spa technology and gives you more time to relax & enjoy your swim. LED lighting, solar heating and intellitouch bluetooth systems are all new technologies that P&B Concrete Pools WA specialise in installing and maximise your pool & spa's life and beauty.